Windmachine PROFI Model




The „PROFI-MODEL“ was designed especially for larger orchards and is able to protect areas up to 5,5 hectares.These technique of frost protection is based on air turbulence and recirculation of rising heat on higher air layer.
Operating on flat areas without appreciable difference in altitude and without drift of cold air the wind machines should rotate 360° (full circle rotation) to protect the maximum of area. The ability to oscillate provides efficient frost protection also in valleys or on slopes, because the cold air mass on the lower level can be moved just downwards or respectively out of the valley.
The possibility to angle the fan brings more flexibility to adapt the machine to the area.


 5 flgel windmaschineprofi dieselmotor windmaschine



The machine „PROFI-MODEL“ needs a setup time of 15 minutes. No building permit necessary.
This portable machine works extremely efficient and is very quiet.  It can be towed by tractor or by car. “Tow and Blow PROFI-MODEL“ is very compact and flexible. The compact construction and high operating position allows to operate in rows of two meters distance and in orchards with hail protection.


The „PROFI-MODEL“ works with a Kohler Diesel engine with 23,4 PS, which is directly coupled with the propeller.
The auto-start option starts and stops the machine when the saved start temperature respectively the stop temperature is reached. After activating the auto-start the machine is on a stand-by-mode.
Furthermore the controller has an option to connect a weather station with a start/stop contact.The impeller has 5 blades. Thanks to the shroud around the fan, the efficiency is much higher than an open fan. The slim dimension of the tower avoids energy loss on the suction side of the fan. Fuel consumption is five to six liters/ hour.



  • engine: Kohler Diesel engine, 23,4 PS, 3-cylinder, in-line engine
  • fan: propeller is made of high quality polyamide, shroud with bell mouth suction side, vane sheets at the discharge, air speeds 24 m/s coverage up to 5,5 ha.
  • lift mechanism of the tower completely hydraulic
  • rotation mechanism of the driver by a gearbox
  • four telescoped stabilizer legs to set the machine in operation position
  • noise level: 45 db/a 300 m 
  • transport by tractor or car with ball hitch trailer or draw bar eye
  • service, lubrication and fuel-filling is possible on location, with lowered position of the tower


  • the possibility to work in the same direction as the wind drift to increase the protected area (picture 1) or operating in a full rotation (picture 2)
  • no construction permit necessary
  • no external service costs necessary 
  • spare parts are available worldwide
  • no loss of ground by a fixed construction or a foundation 
  • no installation necessary 
  • application at the favored place 
  • rotation of the tower in optional direction
  • low operation costs
  • high operation safety and CE certified
  • portable so it can be moved to different crops requiring frost protection at different times of the year

VENTILATION, DRYING, COOLING:  The portable wind machine „Tow and Blow“ can be used for further purposes. For example for cooling or drying of fruits before harvest.