Our wind machines are operated mostly on flat growing areas with huge plantations without appreciable drift of cold air, to bring down the high warm air layer in order to protect the cultivation.



windmaschine suedtirol frostschutzOften slopes and valleys are also affected by frost because the cold air mass is heavy and drains downwards. This cold air mass may not able to run out because of obstacles like buildings, cultivations or simply because of topographic reasons. For this reason, cold air lakes are formed. The cold air drift in an orchard depends partially on the topography of the orchard however primarily it depends on the topography of the surrounding area.


windmaschine planung vollkreis frostschutzEspecially in these cases it is important to simulate during the planning, how the cold air mass moves.
Schillinger Company as Tow & Blow Distribution-Europe will be at your disposal to find the right solution for your area. By using Google-Earth you can easily find your area and send us the information by KMZ.file.

How does it work?

  • start Google Earth
  • search your area
  • by using place mark, Polygon or path you can mark the area
  • clicking “file, e-mail, picture or view” you can sent it by e-mail to:


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