Windmachine Tow & Blow


Windmachine Tow and Blow

Wind machine for frost protection, ventilating and cooling of fruit-growing, wine-growing, specialized cultivation, nursery and crop growing.


From the Kiwi plantation in New Zealand and Chile, to the vineyards in Australia and France, avocado fields and vegetable crops in Israel, blueberries and strawberries in the Netherlands and Belgium, apple and stone fruit plantations from Germany to Bulgaria, further more for citric cultivations in Spain and Turkey and even for almond trees and in nurseries all over Europe the Tow & Blow wind machines are providing efficient frost protection meanwhile since 2012.


Schillinger Company, headquartered in the South of Germany, as Tow & Blow Distribution Europe responsible for the complete area of Western and Eastern Europe, is your professional partner for wind machines.

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The „PROFI-MODEL“ was designed especially for larger orchards and is able to protect areas up to 5,5 hectares.These technique of frost protection is based on air turbulence and recirculation of rising heat on higher air layer.
Operating on flat areas without appreciable difference in altitude and without drift of cold air the wind machines should rotate 360° (full circle rotation) to protect the maximum of area. The ability to oscillate provides efficient frost protection also in valleys or on slopes, because the cold air mass on the lower level can be moved just downwards or respectively out of the valley.
The possibility to angle the fan brings more flexibility to adapt the machine to the area.

Frost protection is a very important subject and reliable machines are its prerequisite.
Schillinger Company as Tow & Blow Distribution Europe has all relevant spare parts and wear parts permanently on stock. The delivery of spare parts all over Europe is guaranteed within one or two days. Depending on the region there are also local representatives who are able to supply spare parts.